Voyance, Amour et Confinement
a film by Y. Debeaumarché

France - 2021
52:00, FHD, color, vo FR
France 3 Région Grand-Est, Imagissime & La Vie Bonne Prod

Yvonne is a documentary filmmaker, and like most of the population, 
she was confined to her home in Reims from March to May.

Two months to redefine the contours of her life. And ours. 
Every day during the confinement, Yvonne Debeaumarché, a filmmaker living in Reims, 
begins her day by drawing cards. The Belline oracle will guide her throughout this period 
and provide her with an excuse to chat with friends. By videophone, or simply over the phone, 
this divinatory card reading offers her subjects to discuss with her interlocutors. 

To the young girl, a question about social networking, to the journalist in love, 
a long debate on love, and the psychologist, a quest for meaning. 

A form of "self-transmutation", according to Yvonne.