The Liquid State

directed by Léo Lefrançois

for Cumbayá

France - 2023
05:11, HD, color, stereo

Music by Cosmic Neman (drummer of Zombie Zombie) & Gilbert Cohen (Versatile Records)
Mastering by Sam IRL
Mixed by I:Cube Wake Dream

The observation of a world of images in which our reflection has become a norm, a mantra;
vanity when you hold us.
Blinded, veiled by the camera of our phones, we perceive our environments or our own bodies
only through our devices for capturing, projecting, broadcasting, ...

Wake Dream is proud to present Cumbayá a new EP by French musicians 
Gilbert Cohen and Cosmic Neman.
One summer not too long ago the two decided to gather in the mysterious “Marienia Pension”, 
an artist’ residency in a historic surfer spot. Over the course of 1 week they set up studio in the library of the house,
surrounded by a collection af antique science and biology books, and channeled sandy percussion
and analog Atlantic tubular waves of their synths into these four pieces.