directed by Léo Lefrançois

for Phoenician Drive

Belgique - 2018 
03:51, HD, b&w, stereo

2019 • In competition at VKRS #1 festival - Riches Claire & cinéma Palace - Bruxelles - BE

Like a ballet without restraint, without breath, without pause,
the Phoenicians enslaved by incessant waves and repeated crashes,
begin the almadraba, prolonging a meticulous and
powerful stalking.

On the surface of the bark, we glimpse a nervous energy
cracks and vibrations, raised by toil.

Subdued and stupefied by chaos, they sometimes bend under too heavy.
Yet, elbow to elbow, they cradle us lull with their predatory song,
and catch us up, call us back, reclaim us, relentlessly corner us.

And, spied on by the gull, it's as if we're being held
in their net.