Léo Lefrançois


Marie-Anne Camax-Zoegger, portrait d'une femme artiste
written and directed by Léo Lefrançois

France - 2023
16:32 - HD, color, vo FR
Produced by Marie-Anne de Cockborne, Emmanuel de Cockborne
& Anaïs Escavi-de Cockborne

Marie-Anne Camax-Zoegger is a French painter
of the early 20th century of the early 20th century.

In addition to her remarkable pictorial work, she left her mark on her time,
through her association Femmes Artistes Modernes created in 1931
in favor of women artists, so that they would be recognized on an equal footing with men.


The Liquid State
directed by Léo Lefrançois

for Cumbayá

France - 2023
05:11, HD, color, stereo

Music by Cosmic Neman (drummer of Zombie Zombie) & Gilbert Cohen (Versatile Records)
Mastering by Sam IRL
Mixed by I:Cube Wake Dream

The observation of a world of images in which our reflection has become a norm, a mantra;
vanity when you hold us.
Blinded, veiled by the camera of our phones, we perceive our environments or our own bodies
only through our devices for capturing, projecting, broadcasting, ...

Vj set crashed archives
performed by Léo Lefrançois aka Chair Claude

France - 2020-2023

a documentary serie by Y. Debeaumarché, T. Benoit & H. Kontturi

France, Belgium & Finland - 2022
4x 52:00, FHD, color, vo FR
Mediawan, Aito Media, YLE Areena, RTBF & Arte G.E.I.E.

2023 • in competition at Festival TV de Luchon - FR
Prix Spécial de la Série - Format long
2023 • off competition at FIPADOC - Biarritz - FR

How far would you go to save the planet?

In the Paris of the 80's, a group of young idealists, sensing an ecological
catastrophe to come, want to show that another world is possible.
Guided by a mysterious Amerindian shaman, they practice veganism, 
set up organic stores and live in teepees in the middle of buildings. 
Quickly accused by their families and the press of being manipulated, 
they start a long ecological march through Europe. 
A chase begins between the members of this community and those 
who accuse them of being under their control. 

After 10 years of wandering, the "Tribe" finally settles in Finland, 
in the extreme conditions of the Great North, 
to live its Utopia of a tribal life in harmony with nature : 
how far are they willing to save "Gaïaland"? 

Thanks to unique archives and rare testimonies of former followers, 
the "Gaïaland" series dives into the fascinating true story of this community 
and its demons. 

Toil and Slumber
written and directed by Léo Lefrançois

France - 2021
37:00, FHD, color, 5.1, vo FR & vost ENG

2022 • In competition at Festival des à-côtés - Lyons-la-Forêt - FR

Yannick is a natural winemaker in Alsace. Throughout the seasons,
we follow him in his daily work,
between his cellar and his vines. It is the birth of a vineyard for him
and an organic revival for his land. It is a motif of hands, sobriety and simplicity.

Voyance, Amour et Confinement
a film by Y. Debeaumarché

France - 2021
52:00, FHD, color, vo FR
France 3 Région Grand-Est, Imagissime & La Vie Bonne Prod

Yvonne is a documentary filmmaker, and like most of the population, 
she was confined to her home in Reims from March to May.

Two months to redefine the contours of her life. And ours. 
Every day during the confinement, Yvonne Debeaumarché, a filmmaker living in Reims, 
begins her day by drawing cards. The Belline oracle will guide her throughout this period 
and provide her with an excuse to chat with friends. By videophone, or simply over the phone, 
this divinatory card reading offers her subjects to discuss with her interlocutors. 

To the young girl, a question about social networking, to the journalist in love, 
a long debate on love, and the psychologist, a quest for meaning. 

A form of "self-transmutation", according to Yvonne. 

Etat de cendres
written and directed by Léo Lefrançois

France - 2020
3x circa 01:00, HD , BW, vo FR
text extract from The Witches of Eastwick , George Miller - 1987

Patriarchal state of affairs, as a list of abuses, violence, submission, governance.
Some proofs.

Semiology of violence in occidental movies.

Reality is a dream
written and performed by Cosmic Neman & Léo Lefrançois

France - 2020 
circa 55:00, HD color

2020 • performed at FAME festival - La Gaité Lyrique - Paris - FR

Nature is deformed and then becomes an unreal world,
an object of the fantasized mind accompanied by an immersive sound
experience to get to the other side.

directed by Léo Lefrançois

for Phoenician Drive

Belgique - 2018 
03:51, HD, b&w, stereo

2019 • In competition at VKRS #1 festival - Riches Claire & cinéma Palace - Bruxelles - BE

Like a ballet without restraint, without breath, without pause,
the Phoenicians enslaved by incessant waves and repeated crashes,
begin the almadraba, prolonging a meticulous and
powerful stalking.

On the surface of the bark, we glimpse a nervous energy
cracks and vibrations, raised by toil.

Subdued and stupefied by chaos, they sometimes bend under too heavy.
Yet, elbow to elbow, they cradle us lull with their predatory song,
and catch us up, call us back, reclaim us, relentlessly corner us.

And, spied on by the gull, it's as if we're being held
in their net.